Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Monopoly Tycoon Music Fix v1.7

Hi there! You must be wanting to get the music working in Monopoly Tycoon.
The game is very old, so old that it uses an old codec from DirectShow for playing-back music which was removed in Windows Vista.

 A codec is a standardized media playback component that allows for the playback of media. 

What this guide tells you to do is how to register the old codec Windows Media Source Filter in newer versions of Microsoft Windows. This brings the music back to life for the first time since Windows XP!

The Intro cut-scene to the game

There are two sections on this page, one is for the easy installation guide and the other is for applying the fix manually.
This fixes the music in Monopoly Tycoon on Windows 10 (including Vista, 7, 8).

Lets proceed!

Automatic Installation

Step 1 - Download the Monopoly Tycoon music fix:

The downloaded .zip file will be located by default in your Downloads directory.

Step 2 - Extract the files

Right-click the .zip file and select: "Extract All....", then proceed to click next to extract it. 

A folder gets created in the directory where the .zip file is located.


Step 3 - Run the ApplyPatch.bat as administrator

Right-click the ApplyPatch.bat and Run as administrator.
Click "Yes" when the UAC (User Account Control) window pops-up to allow the program to patch the game.

Windows Defender SmartScreen will prompt that it protected you. All you need to do is click "More info" and then the "Run anyway" button will appear. If you don't trust the batch file that I made, you can edit it with notepad to see what it does, or else follow the manual installation method below.

Make sure to re-enable the music in the game's "Configuration" menu before clicking "Play".

Done! The game can now play music properly again.

If the resulting text is in red, then the patch failed to be applied; or you didn't run the .batch (.bat) file as administrator.
If the game's launcher is not working properly before the game starts, then make sure to disable any compatibility mode that you may be running the game in.

Manual Installation

Step 1 - Download the Monopoly Tycoon music fix

Extract the contents from the .zip file that was just downloaded. 
Preferably make a new folder to place the files into.

Step 2 – Copy the required .dll’s

Create a new folder in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 called Windows-Media-Source-Filter
Copy strmdll.dll, dxmasf.dll, and drmclien.dll from the .zip file you downloaded and paste them into the Windows-Media-Source-Filter folder.

Step 4 – Registering dxmasf.dll

Next step is to register the .dll file in Windows.
To register the dxmasf.dl, you can use the DirectShow Filter Manager (DSFMgr.exe) provided in the .zip file

Run the DirectShow Filter Manager as administrator and click "Register a new filter", browse to "This PC", 
then go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Windows-Media-Source-Filter  (select Local Disk C:)

  You should get a successful register with the dxmasf.dll file.

Also, make sure that you are not running the game in any compatibility mode or else you may encounter issues with configuring the games' options in the launcher.
If you don't get a successful register of the .dll file then you probably did something wrong.

All that is left is to try out the game and see if the music works!

Monopoly Tycoon - Extra Downloadable Content

Monopoly Tycoon Strategy Guide - Prima Games

It is not recommended to use any textures for Monopoly Tycoon, IF you plan on playing multiplayer with other people.

Extras Pack 1 - Scenarios and Textures

Extras Pack 2 - Scenarios and Textures

Extras Pack 3 - Textures

Granite & Marble Texture Pack
Brick & Marble Texture Pack

In order to use the texture packs, you need to use the texture utility which is in the Tools folder contained in the game's installation folder.


  1. Holey moley, it works! Didn't think the day of someone fixing the Windows Player issue would happen. Thanks a bunch!

    1. I didn't think the day would come either! I was guessing what the issue was for a while instead of thinking things through. This fix also fixes Ford Racing 2 and Test Drive 6! No one found out how to fix the game for a long time (including Ford Racing 2). Have fun with the game! :D

  2. We need players for Online games ;)


  3. Hi there, thanks for that, I followed the instruction and it works great with music and without the compatibility settings.

    Nonetheless, multiplayer doesnt work, I get 'Can't initialise network" then another long prompt saying it crashed badly?


    1. Thanks for trying out the fix! :D
      To get multiplayer working, what you have to do is select the right ethernet/network adapter through the games' launcher. I usually just use Hamachi to play with friends over the internet, I also recommend using IPv6 if you are using Hamachi.
      Just make sure to select the right ethernet adapter and you should be fine!

      I have got that error a few times myself too, if nothing that I suggested helped then you may have to reinstall the game (the music fix is system-wide though). I also have a Steam group for playing Monopoly Tycoon with who are passionate about the game (and are rather good too!). The link to join the group is available in the Steam group "Monopoly Tycoon Captialists" (in one of the threads).

  4. My wife and I would like to thank you for solving this problem. We really enjoy the game and it's not the same without the soundtrack!

    1. Fantastic! The game is so underrated. It took a long time to figure out why the game was crashing. The music has been an issue since Windows Vista. My favorite music track in the game is 1980's :D

  5. Hi there! First of all, big thanks from my dad and myself, really enjoying this game.

    The sound works great, except of the sound effects like getting cash or whenever I am in an auction there is no sound. I have applied all music fixes but doesn't work either. Tried with Patch 1.3 and Patch 1.2 bus no difference.

    Thank you!

    1. Monopoly Tycoon is a bit fussy when it comes to audio device configurations.
      An output for the selected audio device in the launcher (or the default audio device) is required for the game to not crash.
      Disable your monitors speakers and set your speakers as default in Windows 10 Audio Control Panel.. Select your speakers in the launcher.

      Enjoy the game! :D

  6. Thank you so much! Ive been wondering for many years why this wouldn't work with Windows 7, and of course it makes sense that DirectShow was the issue all along, and that it wasn't really used much elsewhere.

    Thanks again MrPenguin

    1. No problem! :D
      It was so frustrating not being able to play the game with music, I'm glad that you enjoy this forgotten game as well (I have great memories playing it as a kid).

  7. And how to remove that Windows Media Source Filter again?

    1. Having the codec/filter installed does not interfere any Windows application, so there is no need to remove it.
      If you do want to remove it, just follow the opposite Manual instructions.
      Delete the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Windows-Media-Source-Filter folder and the codec/filter will be removed.

  8. Hello Mr. Penguin, I never thought I'd ever be able to play Monopoly Tycoon after I moved from Windows XP to 7 with the amazing music ever again. Are you a computer engineer or something? I didn't want to install a Windows XP simulator, I also wasn't too excited about listening to monopoly tycoon music on YouTube as the music would not match while playing, and the gaming experience just gets ruined. Thank god I found your blog and your post on sevenforums. I can't thank you enough, you are a life saver sir.

  9. Hello!

    Thank you so much for all the hard work. I seem to be running into an issue where the ApplyPatch.bat file says I'm not running it as an administrator even though I am. Do you have any solutions for this?

    1. Is your account in Windows an administrator? If it isn't, then it might be causing the script to not run.

  10. Hello,

    I really appreciate the assistance to this issue. Do you have a cashapp? I'd like to buy you a beer!

  11. thank you very much for this i am going to use it, but before i use it i need to know how i can install this game.. what can i use? Without using a CD, Daemon? Thank you very much already!!!

    1. You can download the game online at most abandonware websites in an .iso form. By downloading an .ISO disc image of the game, you don't need external software like Daemon Tools, Windows can mount ISO files directly.

    2. You can find the game here, but I used Power ISO to run the CD and install the game. I've been searching for days to find an installation file that actually work without the game crashing, and that was it. Enjoy! :)

  12. Man!! I'm speechless!! That's totally awesome. I've been searching the web for days and days to find a solution. That did it and what a great music. Brings back lots of wonderful memories. I really can't thank you enough. Great job bro.. Best regards

    1. :D

      It took lots of patience to find a proper fix for the music.
      Glad you finally found the solution!
      For finding fixes for old PC games, I recommend using PCGamingWiki (www.pcgamingwiki.com/).